La RAF en Birmanie, des images couleur incroyables

Royal Air Force in Burma; RCAF : Stock Shots : Roffman Footage (1942)

Roll one: Various WWII planes in flight and on the tarmac; Hurricanes; Mosquito; Harvards.Roll two: Hudson Bombers and crews. Crew examing gunfire damaged aircraft. 407 Squadron Coastal Command. Demon Squadron.Roll three: Royal Air Force personnel are shown in camp and on the street of a Burmese village, as villagers move about on daily activities. View over the town and street with moderate pedestrian traffic. A RAF Curtiss 75 Mohawk being started and taxiing. A Bristol Blenheim MK I taxiing on a dusty runway. A war correspondent interviewing two airmen still in flying togs. Views of the Himalayas, the Burmese countryside and a military base. Egypt and native calvary racing by. A U.S. officer pins decorations on British airmen. A native cavalry trots by. Two airmen compare medals.Roll four: Liberator. Norseman. Harvards. Hurricane ‘5635’. Harvards in flight. Float plane. Lancaster bomber.

Source: Library and Archives Canada. Julian Roffman fonds, 1972-0104, IDC 327781.


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